Friday, February 13, 2009

listening jarred

jar's travel far

(everything comes from somewhere)

the wind can no longer be heard through the trees

(silence fills the branches)

seeing leaves is as much hearing leaves

stop. watch

(searing thieves)

mind's eye
mind's I
I see
I mind

they capture


all that sounds


produce sound

(under wraps)

control sound

(containment of synapses)

preserve sound

assign a role
(label, name)

(from the same)


stuck behind panes



am I obtuse?


A good restoration of the oldest known bird,

Archæopteryx (Jurassic Era).

It was about the size of a crow;

it had teeth on both jaws;

it had claws on the thumb and two fingers;

and it had a long lizard-like tail.

But it had feathers,

proving itself a true bird.