Friday, July 03, 2009

cut cut cut cut cut cut

full moon
two hue
blue sheets

jen's a cat
jen eats tuna
tuna guitar
tuna baguette

cat manifest!
summoned from

in the bag & out of
the bag.

how do you say
"cat has your tongue?"

no face chicken birth

eager to consume, jaws doctor

we're goin' down
we're goin' down
we're goin' down

things are lookin'

what did the snails mother know?
I thought you would know?


chicken labour

chickens are (intersexed)
humans are stupid

learned it from the
snails, learned it from
their mothers.

I'm having a thought
it's really hard
I'm really constipated

eating thoughts. words
the gods are always drunk & playing with the planets

our unknown fold of dirt

this planet stinks.
it has potential_being fermented

organizing=counting with your toes.

scanning for chicken

finding a jar in the dark
eons and eons.

"oh it's so hard to be a
planet, people
step on me
cats always step on me"

I can't stop thinking
about plants


no freestyling
read the manual

wings beginnings is books flapping

pointed finger learns

a jar that's not really there

at the bottom of the jar:

heart green with envy

heart pulsing red

my broken heart disco courtship
between fork+rope


Declaration-Laughter is Not Prohibited!

-the wizard of wisdom's wise intructions:::
1-put on your glasses
pickup a flower
2-hold the flower high
3-then dance!

(sup sup birthday broth)

-à montreal après shadowjam notes