Sunday, October 05, 2008

dismantling a home

the longer anyone lives in a specific place, the more one gets settled in and familiarized

i am bits and pieces flustery here
mustering to move

I am attached to some stuff

collecting collected
purge purged regurgitating


relocation efforts are a bit of a tedium
sorting out is
long sessions rooting through,
sneezing, sifting, boxing, hucking, drifting

mulling over items

I go through gads of things,
feeling textures, envisioning patterns

How full on am I willing to delve into this reincarnation limbo/puppet hospital ???????

can this become a useful handling doc?

giving anything the time and the energy it deserves
is meticulous work

choices choices
voices voices

in portions

my heart strings are being pulled tight
they loosen momentarily whenever I give something flight

f l a p p y
making space takes space

questioning space is good clutter mantra
putterfoot through sooty underbelly of household
mutter tut tut tote tantra?

spacing out here